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Sewage changes a hot machine work principle
The thermal energy exploitation of sewage in the city contains various ways,but makes use of a way most effectively be make use of sewage heat pump.Namely pass surplus calories inside the building in summer the hot pump machine set release sewage in the city and withdraw the calories of sewage in the city to pass in winter hot pump the machine set release building.The resources potential of sewage thermal energy in city is mainly decided by the temperature of sewage.The water temperature of sewage in the city after processing, often the year change in the certain scope.Such as some wastewater treatment factory after second class processing of sewage is in 13-16 ℃ in winter, the water temperature's water temperature is in 22-26 ℃ in summer.......

Help a south thermal energy environmental protection science and technology limited company existing product in the North Sea to mainly is divided into three greatest tectonic plates.First tectonic plate for adopt warm change a hot equipments,include various change a hot machine and from they constitute of various soda, water water change hot machine set etc. and only change a hot machine to have a plank type to change a hot machine, double the line tube change hot machine, wave the stanza tube change a hot machine and float a dish tube to change a hot machine and float the dish tube capacity type to change hot machine etc.;

The second tectonic plate is a water supply equipments and include full-automatic become the repeatedly constant pressure water supply equipments, full-automatic barometric water supply equipments and intelligence have no negative press a water supply equipments, bag type to certainly press water supply equipments;The third tectonic plate is water processing equipments and include Xuan to flow in addition to sand machine and the United States diagram Zu and rich Lai gram full-automatic etc. for softening the machine, ozonizer and electronics water processor.Moreover the company returns a kit to produce some water warm system assists a machine equipments, such as inflation water tank, anti- blunt type in addition to dirty machine, assemble the type water tank, cent gather a water machine, divide cylinder, keep oilcan and keep a spirit bottle etc. and various swimming pool percolation equipments.

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