LED to wait newly arisen industry


River's north of Zhejiang will devote major efforts to develop LED to wait newly arisen industry
Recently, "the Ai illuminated especially" and the University of Peking common set that was located on river north area set up consociation laboratory and emphasized to be engaged in LED the intelligence system integration, lamp optics design and spare part development.This undertaking means that that area will become all saving important LED to develop a production base.First half year of, the area machine's electricity integral whole turns to wait the five greatest new industries profession production value to have the whole areases industrial economic 50% above, modern city type industry already basic model.

"The original industrial economic structure doesn't adapt to an urbanization development and carries on structure adjustment to can hardly be avoided."The north area relevant representative director of river thinks that that city area in the center,newly arisen city industry will with the city information flow, the talented person flow, the logistics, funds flow etc. for rely on, with the product design, technique development and process a manufacturing industry for corpus, mutually moderate with function in the city and ecoenvironment.For this, they make sure machine to give or get an electric shock integral whole to turn, the vapor go together with, electronics electric appliances, medical treatment equipments and new energy five greatest profession is development point, work hard for to make the total production value attained 10,000,000,000 dollars within five years.

The river north area released to start a business the creative industry double a plan, the point surrounds newly arisen industry to cultivate and develops profession or local area group leader business enterprise.Guide resources main factors, such as land, funds and talented person...etc. to tilt to one side to the strategic newly arisen industry, support strongly an advantage business enterprise to accept guo jia and city strategic newly arisen industry graveness model item.That area established a creative cooperation particularly item the funds and high new technique business enterprise develop to subsidize a funds, the equipments changing to the business enterprise skill subsidizes tallest can reach to 2,000,000 dollars.In the meantime, that area innovates to mortgage mode, the total amount issues to lend money about 11,000,000,000 dollars for business enterprise in the first half of 2011, and the area public finance still arranges 3,000,000 dollars risk compensation annually.

Develop newly arisen city industry to need big terrace and main category purpose guide.At the end of 2010, that area builds up high new technique industry in the Ci town garden, is listed as whole provinceses to draw up one of the lately- established development gardens "25" periods.At the same time, a batch of new industries item continues a horse:"The electric power of Hu Yong" with medium section hospital rather wave material cooperate, develop the dynamoelectric car battery important material:"Wave happy electric appliances" develops much crystal Zhu tablet and much crystal Huo slice production line skill to change item:"The section farmland Ci industry" concentrates on sparse soil always the Ci material research, application and development;Lately win Central Asia then will particularly put at intelligence charged barbed wire net up ……2011, that area at set up a skill to change item 121, the plan invests 2,851,000,000 dollars, among them, 80% above come from five big newly arisen professions.

At the same time, the river north area makes use of city resources advantage and provides strong modern service industry support for newly arisen industry development.Currently, the area's on-line technique makes a contract to clinch a deal more than 100000000 dollars of amount of money, and with medium the section hospital wait more than 50 research hospitals and the high school built up a cooperative relation and ushered in science and technology result annually about 100.Currently, whole areases about 100 business enterprises built up engineering technique creative center and there are 17 business enterprises managing or participating in 33 guo jias and profession standard to establish.As the core area of the area city's type industry, the river north investment starts a business the center have become the biggest water meter in national scale, steel system**, air condition heat exchanger high-speed wings slice punching machine and medium soon the diesel engine produce a base.

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