LED LCD TV economy energy characteristic
According to the DisplaySearch Q2'and Features of the 11 Quarterly TV Design Report points out, the television brand company blundered away to carry on the back to only carry on the greatly good opportunity that economizes on energy a marketing to LED.A set economy energy television to say,will measure, sell price with the electricity and can consume etc. the data carry on analysis, can get its economy energy cost recall period.If the consumer can extensively know the economy energy characteristic of LED television, so they while replacing a television will morely choice LED television.

Does the imbecility consume whether the economy energy cost of television outruns to purchase a premium price?DisplaySearch did to contrast a research to this. With CCFL and 40"LED LCD TV for example, the television basic structure and can the consuming index number all is qualified and expect in the assumptive reasonable life span inside, LED life span period cost of the television more CCFL is low, is also such in the United States.In Canada, one set low level LED the cost recall of the television expect to be low in 4 years, but at European is no longer than 2 years.Simple retro woman

The DisplaySearch television studies a director general Paul Gray point out:"The electricity price consumed economizing on energy a television contains lower cost before its life span term, this has been very explicit.But amazingly of is a television the manufacturer have no with this aggressive marketing and inform to the consumer.DisplaySearch Global TV Replacement Study report expresses, positive if the tendency for consumer to purchase car chooses low fat consume a car, they also equally consider to consume a problem while purchasing a television.With 3 D the function compare, consumer more for incline to imbecility to consume a television."

DisplaySearch Global TV Replacement Study the report contain the on-the-spot investigation data of each consumers with more than 1000 guo jia.The survey suggests that economize on energy in most guo jias have already outstripped LED to carry on the back to only become the important factor that the consumer purchases a television.But economy energy and LED carry bare relation on economy energy and LED's back don't is cognized by large consumer.This because the television manufacturer has no to inform toward the consumer LED carry the economy energy characteristic that the optoelectronics sees on LED's back.Figure three, LED carry on the back the light have in the application of LCD TV ratio estimate

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