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Japanese Shinkansen selling radiation beef rice food nuclear pollution in the tip of the iceberg
Japan nuclear leakage since the incident, people talk about" nuclear" discoloration. " Tokyo news" said:" the broken, the mountains and rivers in; atomic furnace broken, and no deposit." This is not alarmist, nuclear radiation including the iodine - 131, - 90 and - 137 strontium cesium. Radioactive iodine can enter the body through ingestion or inhalation of. Radioactive strontium 90 through food and water to enter the body and cause cancer ( bone near the soft tissues of the cancer and leukemia ), Sr 90 has a half-life of 29.1 years. Radioactive caesium - 137 will enter the human body through food and water, and its contact will increase the prevalence of cancer, CS - 137 half-life even up to 30 years. Recently, according to Japanese media reports, this year 4 to June, the Shinkansen ( Tokyo and Osaka ) train once sold tens of thousands of boxes in order to" radiation cattle" as the materials of the box, it makes some ever eat beef on the Shinkansen Bento passengers feel worried, radiation in vivo bovine major radioactive caesium - 137.
According to Japanese media, because the cattle eat suffered serious nuclear radiation forage resulted in" radiation" Japan Fukushima beef, in the year 4 to June, had served as the Tokaido Shinkansen ( Tokyo and Osaka ) within the train box sell. The matter today has been the East China Sea railway company confirm.
The East China Sea railway company said, the company is a subsidiary specializing in the Shinkansen train sales food company, in April this year has entered a batch of Fukushima production of beef, and successively processed into 12500 beef lunch on the train sales. Recently, according to the Japan MHLW provides" nuclear contamination of beef" number to conduct internal investigations, found a part of beef is the food company buying and selling, have been processed into box.
Although experts have claimed that the ingestion of these contaminated beef not on health effects, but still have some had Shinkansen beef box passengers feel worried. The East China Sea railway company said, will strengthen the from the disaster areas of meat for nuclear radiation detection, to prevent contamination of meat mixed with.
" Radiation cattle slaughter" reaching number 1485 head
Since July 8th, the first detection of radioactive cesium serious incidents of Fukushima beef since, as of 21," radiation cow" is already in circulation to except Okinawa outside the 46 prefectures of japan. " Radiation bovine" origin is not restricted in Fukushima Prefecture, north to Iwate Prefecture, Akita County, west of Shizuoka Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, to date there have been 10 county proved to be suspicious" cattle slaughter radiation". 20 days, Japanese Iwate, Akita, Niigata, Gunma, Shizuoka and Gifu County local government declared 6 counties were found, farmers use are suspected to be contaminated with radioactive materials straw feeding beef cattle slaughter, and has 637 heads.
As of now, together with before in Yamagata, Miyagi, Fukushima and Niigata County found about 850 head, in the 9 County found within edible suspected contaminated fodder beef slaughter number to achieve 1485 head. The county government is actively investigating cattle sales channels, the unsold beef for radioactive substance detection.
" Radiation bovine" appearance, due to farmers feeding materials straw containing high concentrations of radioactive cesium. The Japanese government 19 of Fukushima beef cattle slaughter ban issued, but the Japanese consumers are shocked, in Fukushima found outside of" radiation among cattle", the vast majority of feeding the Miyagi Prefecture northern produced by straw, its origin from the nuclear power station is 150 km. 20, further north Iwate Prefecture two ranch also found radiation exceeding the straw, superscalar highest amount to 40 times.
Japanese beef is the main food source. " Radiation bovine" incident on the Japanese beef production and consumption market brings a heavy blow. Japanese consumption of beef, nearly half of homebred beef that" cattle" meat, its market price is generally similar imported beef two times. " Radiation disturbance of bovine" since," cattle" in the market Qi price or volume. Prior to the current channel of the nuclear pollution beef has been mostly consumption.
" Radiation cattle" may be only the tip of the iceberg of nuclear pollution crisis in food
Nuclear pollution influence not only is beef. The experts pointed out, from the contaminated rice distribution range, within the same region, open-air cultivation and farming animal husbandry product theory there are nuclear contamination.
Radiation medicine expert Matsui British mediated in the Japanese media warned," radiation cattle" may be nuclear accident food nuclear pollution crisis, the tip of the iceberg. The University of the Ryukyus radiation disease expert Yazaki kerma appeal, not only in Fukushima, authorities are necessary in the East Japan general regional survey of nuclear pollution, once confirmed somewhere by nuclear pollution, ground meat, vegetables, Cereals, aquatic products shall be discontinued sale, it is the duty of the government from the field marshal pollution-free food to meet the local needs of life.
In 25 countries and regions restrictions on imports of agricultural products in Japan
The first nuclear power plant by radioactive material leakage effects, at least 25 countries and area to restrict imports of Japanese agricultural products and food processing.
At present, the United States, South Korea, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Singapore and other countries suspended the import part of Japan Agricultural products. The country such as Brazil is urging the Japanese government for agricultural products issued free of radioactive pollution certificate. In March 24th the EU has decided to import from Japan to strengthen the control of food and feed, provided from the 12 Japanese prefectures of imported food and feed each batch must have the Japanese government agencies to provide the certificate, proof of radioactive substances content less than the permitted standards and European Union, EU importer must be the arrival of the goods at the two days prior to the member country government bulletin. The 12 counties are thought to be the first nuclear power plant nuclear leak accident influence the possibility of relatively large. However, due to the Japanese domestic detection equipment is inadequate the issuance of the certificate, the fact cannot export agricultural products. Japanese agricultural products security image has been damaged, affecting the delay for a long time. To this, the Japanese government pointed out, these countries and regions should comply with World Trade Organization for the prohibition of the scientific basis for the limiting case of import regulations

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